We are awarded a contract by Equinor Energy ASA for 'Provision of Downhole Swarf Collection Service'

We are pleased to announce that Swarfix AS has been awarded an important and substantial contract by Equinor Energy ASA for 'Delivery of downhole swarf collection'. The contract has a duration of 4 years with 3 options for 2 additional years each. 

Swarfix and Equinor have collaborated in the development and qualification of Swarfix® WCT. Swarfix® WCT offers groundbreaking technology for swarf collection, providing significant improvements for the environment, health, and safety, and has the potential to increase operational efficiency in milling operations. 

'We are proud to have received this trust from Equinor, and look forward to continue our good cooperation to advance innovative solutions that meet the challenges of the industry,' says Terje Skeie, Managing Director of Swarfix AS. 'This contract not only underscores our technology's reliability and efficiency but also our commitment to drive the industry forward with sustainable and safe solutions.' 

Swarfix® WCT technology represents a significant step in bringing forth technical solutions that meet the industry's increasing demands for environmental responsibility and operational efficiency. 

For further information, please contact: 
Terje Skeie 
Managing Director 

Phone: +47 913 94 879 
Email: terje.skeie@swarfix.com

Press release (in norwegian): https://energi24.no/nyheter/swarfix-skal-samle-opp-swarf-for-equinor

Swarfix® WCT technology