Swarfix® Well Cleaning Tool (WCT) is ready for commercialization after succesful offshore qualification

The 4th Pilot Well was the first operation from a jack-up rig with several new factors and verification of the Swarfix WCT capability to efficient collect large amount of swarf when positioned at high well inclination. 

·      65 deg inclination at depth for Swarfix® WCT, 4250m MD
·      Casing 13 5/8” 88.2# SM125S
·      Oilbased mud, 1.74 SG
21 hours milling time resulted in a total of 1100 kg swarf collected - and no swarf to surface or through the BOP. 

TRL7 / 4th Pilot Well approved by Equinor

The 5th pilot well operation was executed in 14” 114# 125S casing. The extended version window and with the amount of swarf expected the operation was planned for a tandem Swarfix® WCT configuration. This enables a total Swarf Container capacity of 420 l x 2 equal to ≈ 2000 kg of swarf.
The tandem Swarfix® WCT solution was positioned 300 meters above bit and on top of each other. In the tandem configuration the bottom WCT will capture and secure swarf until the container is full, then shear the shear pins for the Conveyor Screw to enable swarf to pass and be collected by the top WCT. 
The Swarfix® WCT collected totally 900 kg of swarf during a total of 17 hours milling time, all by the bottom WCT. The Swarf Container was approximately 90% full.

TRL7 / 5th Pilot Well approved by Equinor

Fines (casing wear) on string magnets, end of operation