Successful Pilot Well operation for Equinor

Swarfix® Well Cleaning Tool (WCT) was operated in a Pilot Well for the first time in January 2021 

Based on achieved TRL4 approval November 2020 the Swarfix® WCT technology was approved by Equinor for pilot well. 
The pilot well-identified was an upcoming operation for Equinor. Operational planning and preparation for the pilot well were performed together with Equinor and Equinor’s contractor for the window milling operation. 
The Swarfix® WCT technology worked according to design criteria, but the amount of swarf generated during the operation exceeded the Swarfix® WCT Container capacity.  A total of 486kg swarf was collected downhole during the operation. 
An action to close based on experience from this operation was to increase the Container capacity to collect all swarf from the milling. Container capacity increased by 55% (220l to 340l) and total tool length increased at the same time from 10.45m to 13.30m.   
TRL 5 and 6 approved and technology now at TRL7 multi-use.

The motivation behind this new technology is to provide:
  • A solution with the capability to collect and store all milled swarf downhole.
  • Window milling/casing exit operations without swarf to surface. 
  • Improvement of HSE and Q as well as operational efficiency and cost.
Picture below presenting the Swarfix® WCT main components. Swarf captured by the Magnet Sleeve will continuously be feed by the Conveyor Screw into the Swarf Container for storage during the entire operation. Swarf Container is sealed and secured before backloading for correct waste handling at Swarfix® AS location.
Swarfix® WCT